Our mission

Here at the DHC, we believe that digital solutions have the potential to transform the quality, experience and access of patient care. That’s why we’re calling for digital provision to be seen alongside face-to-face services as part of the package of modern healthcare.

What are we calling for?

1.    Equal and equitable access for all with digital as a choice
  • We believe that all patients should be able to access the care they need, when they need it, and in the form that they want it.

  • Of course there will always be times when face-to-face is required, but it’s important to realise that digital is often the patient’s preference, offering more flexibility and improving access. In fact, patient feedback shows that only 10% of patients choose face-to-face as their preferred channel for primary care.

  • Clearly, what matters most to patients is having access to the right range of channels to address their need.

Only 10% of patients choose face-to-face by preference.


2.    Offer clinicians more flexibility and improve staff retention with remote working options
  • With 2000 fewer full-time GPs than there were in 2015 and that number at its lowest ever, there’s an urgent need to improve clinical working conditions and retain our existing workforce.
  • Enabling clinicians to deliver some consultations should be the obvious solution, giving them flexibility to see patients at their convenience.
  • The reality is that the flexibility that remote working offers allows GPs to work more hours overall, and can add up to 25% more hours per week per GP.

Enabling remote working can increase GP capacity by up to 25%.

3.    Transform health and care services and increase capacity with digital solutions at the centre
  • With NHS waiting lists at record-breaking levels and widespread concern that it’s continuing to rise, optimising processes and increasing capacity should be our highest priority.
  • Digital solutions have an important role to play at every stage along the patient pathway, whether that’s enabling remote consultations and online triage, channelling patients to alternative routes of care, or optimising clinical processes.

Reducing bed wastage equates to treating 1750 elective patients per day.


Our members


For supporting data, evidence and case studies; or to find out more about DHC members and digital provision, contact alec.harris@zpb-associates.com or call +44 (0)20 7018 1124.