Our Team

Graham Kendall


Graham has advised numerous organisations across healthcare including the Department of Health, NHS Trusts and independent sector providers as well as commercial and not-for-profit organisations. He is a graduate of Cambridge University where he read medicine and then social and political sciences.

His healthcare experience spans over three decades. He has also worked extensively in and around Parliament advising frontbenchers in Government and Opposition, with backbench MPs from all parties, and serving as a local Councillor.

Achievements and expertise include:
• Running award winning campaigns that have changed legislation and Government policy;
• Working with developers to design new mobile healthcare apps and software to visualise complex datasets;
• In-depth analytics to gauge opinion and model complex contentious issues to shape communication strategies;
• Developing cutting-edge AI research tools with leading academics;
• CIO of Santovia, a US-based health-tech start-up

Alex Kafetz

Strategy lead

Alex is the Managing Partner for ZPB Associates, a UK based company which helps organisations navigate the health and social care system. He has responsibility for leading data projects, growing the business and managing key accounts.

Alex joined from Dr Foster where he edited six editions of the Hospital Guide and produced two instalments of the influential Intelligent Board series. He was also a key part of the teams that conceived and launched NHS Choices and Dr Foster’s pioneering Global Comparators programme.

In 2006/07 Alex was an inaugural winner of the James Mayes award and spent time working for leading US healthcare company Premier Inc. on emerging models of accountable care.

Alex is a nationally recognised thought leader on technology, healthcare data, and transparency. He is a campaigner for better transparency of outcomes of care as a means of improving services and ensuring citizens have the same information as clinicians and managers on the quality of services in the NHS, social care and the private sector.

He has several non-executive positions including an independent member of the National Information Board (NIB) since 2014 and the Waltham Forest CCG remuneration committee and patient participation board. In 2018 Alex was appointed as an advisor to the Independent Inquiry into the issues raised by breast surgeon Ian Paterson.

Rosie Lyon-Smith

Operations manager

Rosie is a senior account executive at ZPB Associates and supports several stakeholder engagement programmes, advisory boards and communications campaigns for both pharma and digital health client.

She has a BSc. in Medical Microbiology from the University of Bristol, experience of research in the pharmaceutical industry and a wider interest in health policy and financing.

Rosie manages the DHC’s day-to-day activity; coordinating membership, organising events and supporting external affairs. She’ll be able to answer any questions about DHC membership and activity so please get in touch: contact@thedhc.co