Improving clinical efficiency and patient care: the impact of Bleepa at the Northern Care Alliance

DHC member Feedback Medical has partnered with the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust to deploy Bleepa in two of its hospitals. Bleepa is an app that allows clinicians to share patient information, clinical records, scans and inpatient referrals within a safe and secure messaging system.

An independent study concluded that Bleepa technology significantly improved the referral process at the Royal Oldham and Fairfield General Hospitals. The deployment of Bleepa has shown how patient management can be improved through digital healthcare solutions.

Faster clinical response time and increased efficiency

The most striking outcome from the use of Bleepa is the reduction in clinical response time. Clinicians are able to communicate with each other faster using this technology. A previous review within the respiratory clinical team at the Royal Oldham demonstrated that Bleepa reduced clinical response time by over a day and a half (1.6 days) compared to previous methods. This finding was reinforced in the latest evaluation, which revealed a similar reduction (1.55 days) in the clinical response rate across various specialties and hospitals. Speeding up the clinical response rate not only enhances patient care but also improves efficiency across the system.

Growing app usage and positive feedback

The increasing adoption of Bleepa has contributed to a rise in average monthly referrals, growing from 427 in 2021/22 to 472 in 2022/23. This growth is attributed to the growing familiarity and confidence of staff in using the app. Feedback from healthcare professionals has been positive:

  • 76% of staff reported time savings with Bleepa.
  • 88% found Bleepa easy to use.
  • 80% observed an improvement in staff communication.

“[Bleepa] is significantly more efficient than [the] previous system of emails and paper trails” said an interviewee who submitted and received referrals using Bleepa.

Improved patient care: the real-world impact

While the increased referral rates and reduced clinical response times are impressive, the real value of Bleepa lies in its ability to drive efficiencies in hospital operations and improve patient care. Across the Northern Care Alliance Bleepa has streamlined the referral process and internal communications, saving clinical administration time.

The deployment of Bleepa at the Northern Care Alliance shows how digital technologies can support the NHS. At the Digital Healthcare Council, we want to see digital innovations like this being used at scale, not only to simplify healthcare processes but also to contribute to better patient outcomes.

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