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Our members

Our members span the breadth of digital healthcare, delivering care directly to patients or by working in partnership with others.

eMed (formerly Babylon)

eMed is a CQC-registered online healthcare provider that offers remote consultations with doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Dr Fox

Dr Fox is a CQC-registered online pharmacy service that provides medical advice and mail-order prescription medicines for medical conditions that do not require face-to-face consultations. The service is CQC-registered and prescription medicines will only be dispensed to patients after an online health assessment has been submitted and reviewed by a Dr Fox doctor.

Evergreen Life

Founded in 2014, Evergreen Life has grown from being a personal health record that put control in the hands of the user, to a nationwide health and wellbeing platform that spans primary and secondary care, as well as being a research ready platform for healthcare and life sciences institutions. Evergreen Life is all about putting the patient at the heart of their healthcare so they can feel better informed, more in control, and have the best chance of staying well, for as long as possible. They offer solutions for healthcare providers across both primary and secondary care that facilitate a new, efficient relationship between provider and patient, including their digital-first Evergreen Connect platform. 



HBSUK provide healthcare-based solutions to the NHS and other healthcare pHBSUK provides capacity solutions to the NHS. It is the only provider that provides physical and digital outpatient and treatment secondary care services. Its services are led by experienced consultants and run across a range of clinical specialities, such as dermatology and MSK. HBSUK is currently working with around 20 NHS trusts, and Virtual Lucy, its innovative digital patient assessment service, has already helped around 30,000 patients. The impact of HBSUK’s digital offer has had huge success in Buckinghamshire, where the local NHS Trust was facing a substantial dermatology waiting list – from 2,109 to 1,552 people in three months.


Kooth provide access to online mental health services. They are the longest established digital mental health provider in the UK and measure impact across their wide range of different functions to constantly improve clinical outcomes. Kooth’s platforms make a real difference to service users at every stage of their journey and their range of tools, resources and activities offers the user a choice of therapies so that they can determine what works best for them. They provide clients with unique insights into the emerging trends in mental health and use data to continually improve their services and clinical models for all to benefit. 


Lilli provide remote soft monitoring in people’s homes. Through monitoring people’s behaviour Lilli builds up a log of “normal” behaviour which supports vulnerable people to live at home safely.

By identifying behaviour changes, Lilli identifies individuals in need of receiving additional care, helping carers to act proactively before health problems worsen. This helps carers to provide better support to those in their care and saves resources by reducing unplanned hospital visits and emergency call outs.


Livi is the largest digital healthcare provider in Europe, having delivered over two million video consultations to date. Livi partners with a number of NHS Trusts and urgent care operators to deliver a local integrated digital service. In October 2022, Livi signed up 40 new PCNs to their platform ahead of the enhanced access deadline. This means that remote consultations at evenings and weekends will be available for thousands more patients. Livi work with GP practices to make their websites more accessible and less confusing for patients, allowing patients to easily access the services and information they need.


Objectivity delivers innovation and digital transformation with custom healthcare software in a way that supports organisations and improves patient outcomes. Objectivity is a trusted and experienced technology partner that can help improve organisational efficiency and provide better care to patients. As a technology partner with Alder Hey innovation, Objectivity helped deliver functionalities such as real-time recording, detailed reporting, and statistical display of data for a remote monitoring solution for newborns and infants.


Preventx provides integrated testing services to make sexual health screening Preventx is the largest provider of remote sexual health testing in the UK. Through their innovative digital tech and expert integrated laboratory, they aim to make remote testing a convenient, reliable and normal part of looking after the population’s health. Preventx currently works in partnership with over 70 UK local authority areas.


TeleTracking offers capacity and bed management solutions with contracts at over 25 NHS sites, reducing barriers to bed capacity and unlocking patient flow. Examples can be found in Kent Community Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, where TeleTracking is working across the system to significantly improve cross-system visibility of bed capacity and resilience. This has led Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells’ moving from one of the England’s lowest performing A&Es to the 5th best.

Visiba Care

Visiba Care is a scalable virtual clinic software that enables healthcare providers to meet patients online through their branded virtual clinic, which may include one or several digital receptions. Healthcare professionals can communicate with patients via asynchronous messaging, video consultations with up to 5 participants, and dynamic forms. Visiba Care has been the preferred and most trusted virtual care platform in the Nordics for more than a decade and now has an office set up in London. In Sweden, several regions use Visiba Care’s AI tool for triaging people and directing them to appropriate services by analysing self-reported information.