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Our members

Our members span the breadth of digital healthcare, delivering care directly to patients or by working in partnership with others.

Ada Health

Ada Health is a global digital health company providing medical guidance at scale that is trustworthy, personal, and effective. Its AI-driven healthcare app, also call Ada, supports positive experiences, helps improve outcomes, and integrates seamlessly with the health ecosystem. Patients can check multiple symptoms and identify likely conditions – common and rare. Ada directs people away from unnecessary care into suitable local services or towards self-help, and gives clinicians more informed time with patients.

During Covid-19, Ada Health launched a free Covid-19 screener that would help people identify Covid-19 symptoms and guide them on appropriate next steps. Read more here.


AskmyGP is an online consultation and workflow system combined with change interventions to help GPs deliver better care for their patients. Clinicians at NHS practices use AskmyGP’s online triage tools to prioritise patients and then arrange consultations either by message, telephone, video or face-to-face.


Babylon Health is a CQC-registered online healthcare provider that offers remote consultations with doctors and other healthcare professionals. Babylon was first launched in the UK as a private healthcare service but in November 2018 it partnered with the NHS as “Babylon GP at Hand” which gives NHS patients in some parts of London and Birmingham access to Babylon’s online GP service free of charge.


Bleepa combines a CE marked medical image viewer with secure instant messaging and video calling in one zero footprint – a medical device certified web application. It enables clinicians to view clinical grade medical images including X-rays, CT and MRI scans using portable devices such as smartphones or tablets. Bleepa was launched by Feedback Medical in September 2019 and has attracted considerable interest from across the NHS and broader healthcare economy.


CheckUp Health is a unique remote consultation platform that enables patients to book appointments, access personal health records and view test results. It integrates consultations, prescriptions and lab services to allow clinicians to support and manage healthcare needs in a holistic and patient-centred way. CheckUp is also supporting employers with a return to work service post Covid-19, allowing them to focus on business while we ensure their staff are healthy and safe.


Credentially is the fastest and most efficient way to hire clinical staff – including granting practicing privileges. With Credentially, healthcare employees can complete their application and compliance processes in minutes from their smartphone using automated patient safety failsafes. The platform is trusted by both the world’s largest digital health provider, the NHS and many other private healthcare providers, offering an ‘in-year-saving’ guarantee compared to other sign-up, verification and CQC compliance processes.

Credentially helped relieve pressure from front-line services during Covid-19 by getting thousands of GPs compliant to work in a new role in just a few days. Read more here.


Doctorlink is an online healthcare platform that supports NHS GP practices by providing digital triage services, an online symptom checker and video consultations. Doctorlink’s video consultations are integrated with NHS surgery appointment booking systems so patients can book video consultations directly with their own doctor.

Dr Fox

Dr Fox is a CQC-registered online pharmacy service that provides medical advice and mail-order prescription medicines for medical conditions that do not require face-to-face consultations. The service is CQC-registered and prescription medicines will only be dispensed to a patient an online health assessment has been submitted and reviewed by a Dr Fox doctor.

Klinik Healthcare Solutions

Klinik is a healthcare technology company that delivers solutions for patient flow management to provide better quality primary care with more cost-effective processes. The Klinik Access online triage software uses AI to recognise over 1000 symptoms and conditions and integrates into existing healthcare processes to direct patient flow. This is now live in 50 NHS GP practices and in more than 400 healthcare centres in Finland and Portugal.


Livi is the largest digital healthcare provider in Europe, having delivered over 2 million video consultations to date. Livi is a CQC-registered provider delivering video GP consultations to over 3 million NHS patients across the country, as well as partnering with a number of NHS Trusts and urgent care operators to deliver a local integrated digital service.


Omnicell provides innovative pharmacy and automated medication and supplies management solutions to NHS hospitals, private hospitals, care homes and pharmacies both in the UK and globally. Their products aim to reduce medication errors, improve patient safety and operational efficiencies so that clinical staff can spend more time on face to face patient care. Omnicell’s product portfolio includes medication adherence pill packs, automated medication and supplies management solutions and robotic dispensing systems.

In the fight against Covid-19, Omnicell helped NHS Trusts to increase capacity by rapidly supplying products and services to help frontline workers. Read more here.

Practice Plus Group

Practice Plus Group logo

Practice Plus Group (formerly Care UK) is the UK’s largest independent provider of health and social care and has been supporting patients throughout the UK for more than 30 years. The company is CQC-registered and operates a wide range of healthcare services including residential care homes, homecare, GP services and mental health and learning disability services.



Preventx provides integrated testing services to make sexual health screening easier, more accessible and cost effective. Preventx partners with the NHS and Local Authorities to provide screen to over 87% of England via contracts with Local Authorities and the NHS. Preventx also offers discreet private postal laboratory sexual health tests.

Push Doctor

Push Doctor was the UK’s first platform to offer patients quick, easy and convenient access to NHS-trained, GMC-registered doctors, online or via smartphone. Today, Push Doctor is a leading online GP provider in the UK, connecting thousands of patients each week with clinicians in just a few minutes. Push Doctor has a current reach of 5.4 million people and has partnered with NHS GP practices and hospitals across Yorkshire, the North West, Midlands, London and the South East. is a personal health verification app which allows an individual to record Covid-19 vaccinations, tests and other health data such as their temperature, and share it securely and confidentially with their employer, or a hospitality, entertainment venue or travel hub they wish to enter. This gives employees, employers, managers of venues and visitors the confidence that everyone there has taken appropriate health precautions.  

Visiba Care

Visiba Care is a scalable virtual clinic software that enables healthcare providers to meet patients online through their branded virtual clinic, which may include one or several digital receptions. Healthcare professionals can communicate with patients via asynchronous messaging, video consultations with up to 5 participants, and dynamic forms.

In the response against Covid-19, Visiba Care partnered with Livewell Southwest to accelerate digital care provision. Read more here.


Zava is a private online healthcare provider that offers patients access to medical advice, testing and treatment for medical conditions that do not require face-to-face consultations. The web based service is CQC and GPhC registered, with prescription medicines supplied to patients after an online health assessment with one of Zava’s doctors.