Give Trusts choice

Commenting further to a recent article in Digital Health News about difficulties with the remote monitoring frames, DHC Director, Graham Kendall said:

“In an ideal world we would all avoid errors, but it’s vital to correct them when they are arise so I would pay credit to CCS for being responsive and taking prompt action to allow the procurement to continue fairly and without undue delay. 

“The most important thing now is to make sure that Trusts have a rich choice of providers offering different solutions. That needs to move forward quickly, especially given Trusts submitted their operational plans earlier this week about how to achieve the phase 3 targets that must be met this month and beyond.

“Some Trusts want to re-engineer their processes to build on the efficiencies of online consultations. Others want to focus on rapidly switching to video while maintaining existing processes. Different approaches require matching solutions, so if the service is to meet the stretching phase 3 targets then it’s vital they are able to choose the right video consultation solution to meet local needs, without too much prescription from the centre.”

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